A Quality Agency


FOMEMA has been serving the country's need in monitoring the medical conditions of foreign workers to promote a healthy Malaysia with best- in-class practices and expertise.

We design, build and operate mass health screening and monitoring systems aimed at detecting health problems as foreign workers make their entry into and throughout their stay in our country.

Meanwhile, we draft best practice guidelines and standard operating procedures for our panel of service providers, including doctors, X-ray centres and laboratories, and monitor their compliance to uphold our professional standard. The highly advanced monitoring systems have incorporated fraud-proof and inconsistency detection features to forestall any act or attempt of swindling.

Through proper management and strategic mining of the healthcare data of foreign workers, we undertake to forecast health trends, monitor emerging infectious diseases and generate statistics for forward-looking health system planning.

As a specialised agency in providing communicable disease screening, we are proactively minimising the burden on the Malaysian public health facilities strained by chronic diseases among foreign workers. The wide range of screening enables our country to take preventive and curative measure to safeguard its interest.

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